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FishHawk Storage
Grant Porter
FishHawk Storage
Travis Van Vliet
FishHawk Storage
Christy Saints
FishHawk Storage
Had a crazy week last week with regards to moving. One of the only bright spots during the entire ordeal was Ed and his staff. They made our life much easier. From storage unit to U-Haul trucks they were on top of it. Highly recommend them to anyone looking to move to Fishhawk. Thanks for all the help!
Lance Pearce
FishHawk Storage
John and I highly recommend Fishhawk Storage. The service and staff are the best. We have been a client since 2007.
Diane Fye
FishHawk Storage
Emily Miller
FishHawk Storage
Very friendly personnel.
Carlos Carrion
FishHawk Storage
Heather Woodward
FishHawk Storage
Good customer service.
Elias Toledo
FishHawk Storage
Rob Carter
FishHawk Storage
Friendly staff
Joshua Woods
FishHawk Storage
Kelly Rowjohn
FishHawk Storage
I was here for just Painting their front of office but what I see here is, very kind personal and happy customers.
Benan Sanlier
FishHawk Storage
My first impression was because this place isn't Extra Space Storage that it wasn't going to be climate controlled or nice, I was wrong! I love this place and the staff are friendly & helpful. They have both non and climate controlled units, uhaul rentals, boxes & packing materials for sale and various sized well priced units. A very close convenient place to Lithia residents!
Avi Ator
FishHawk Storage
This facility is amazing. They were more than generous and donated a unit for a donation drive we were doing for hurricane relief. Super friendly staff and clean units.
Jennifer Nors
FishHawk Storage
Kent Spence
FishHawk Storage
Dana Gilliland
FishHawk Storage
They are very helpful and friendly.
Doc Dockin
FishHawk Storage
Michael D'Addio
FishHawk Storage
Igor Melnikov
FishHawk Storage
I was impressed with the facility and the staff. Ed was very helpful and thorough. Very easy to work with.
David Waring
FishHawk Storage
Courtney Lane
FishHawk Storage
bruce angel
FishHawk Storage
very accommodating and helpful staff
Edie Braun
FishHawk Storage
Judi Spencer
FishHawk Storage
Jamie was great, he got us into a unit and rented us a truck quickly and efficiently, the whole experience was quick and pleasent and the whole staff is friendly and professional will definitely be recommending fishhawk storage to anyone who is looking for storage in the future
Bambi-leigh Beach
FishHawk Storage
Very impressed with the level of service from Fishhawk Storage. Jeff and Jamie were extremely helpful and worked with us to get the proper storage unit for our needs. Jamie even made some last minute changes to get us a bigger unit. Also, he made arrangements to allow us to return the U-haul at the storage facility. Everyone went above and beyond. Well done and thanks!
Darin Clark
FishHawk Storage
Friendly helpful staff. Quick service. Very clean and well maintained.
Mindy Gochneaur
FishHawk Storage
Ed did a great job for us and was very accommodating to our requests.Outstanding Job!Sincerely,William Gilchrist
William Gilchrist
FishHawk Storage
Always clean and friendly service with great prices from Father and Son Moving makes moving stress free.
Nick B
FishHawk Storage
Ed, Jeff and Jamie provide exceptionally friendly and professional service. Fishhawk Storage is conveniently located, very clean, well maintained units. There are numerous options to suit your storage needs including secure climate control, indoor and outdoor units. It’s been a pleasure doing business with them. I’d highly recommend this facility.
FishHawk Storage
Very convenient location, easy access, helpful staff.
Niki Bartley
FishHawk Storage
It's pretty good place
Chase Vane
FishHawk Storage
Very professional fair and friendly location. Clean facility and also convenient uhaul services available at the location. Ed ND his staff gave great service.
Carl Facey
FishHawk Storage
The staff is really knowledgeable about how to help you make the right decision for storage.
Jamie Hollenbeck
FishHawk Storage
Excellent service , very flexible to provide just the right sized unit in the best place for our access needs.
daniela pavlik
FishHawk Storage
Both Jamie and Ed were wonderful...went above and beyond to make the entire process very smooth. Super friendly, professional and courteous. Just moved stuff in the other night but it certainly seems like a great facility! Again, thank you both for all your help!
FishHawk Storage
great staff
Paula Pickwick
FishHawk Storage
Very professional, easy check in process, clean units, and caring staff!
N Anderson
FishHawk Storage
The staff were fantastic in helping me quickly get a 5 X 10 storage unit to move out from a 20 x 20 and updated the account by the time I was done.
FishHawk Storage
This was my second storage unit rental. I see comments about customer service attitude, but I have never experienced this. I have only experienced genuine helpfulness. I did not reserve the second unit, just showed up at opening time, asked for another unit, and was processed and out the door in only minutes.
Roger Swann
FishHawk Storage
Ed and his team were fantastic in helping me quickly get a 10 x 10 storage unit. Very user friendly and made the process quick and easy. The facility is in a great location and is in incredible shape. Nice to get customer service that is there to make your day easier.
Ray Fuller
FishHawk Storage
Alex Berlo
FishHawk Storage
Always helpful. Been a customer for almost 5 years.
FishHawk Storage
Fishhawk Storage is off the charts Stellar...Ed and the staff are professional and have 100% of the attention on the client coming in the door. After the sale...The service stays at that high level. A breath of fresh air among businesses that don't seem to care about the clients! Run to Fishhawk Storage!
Tommy Lentsch
FishHawk Storage
Very professional staff!
Mitsie Kraack
FishHawk Storage
DOCUMENT SUMMARY SHEET Very clean and easy access
John G
FishHawk Storage
Pleasant and professional. Very pleased.
Lou Mirra
FishHawk Storage
Great people very helpful. Reasonable rates for U-haul trucks. Will definitely do business with these guys again.
Nelson Smell
FishHawk Storage
I moved from Northern VA to Lithia, FL and Ed and Ray at FishHawk Storage were the easiest part of my move, they were super accommodating and patient! The facility is clean and secure and I would highly recommend FishHawk Storage!
Laurie Puccia
FishHawk Storage
I am an ACTUAL customer of FishHawk Storage for over 10 years. While I've never had occasion to rent a U-Haul from them, I have been nothing but completely satisfied with their service regarding the storage units. We have a large climate controlled unit that is easy to access, yet very secure. You can access the unit at any time.
Jayne Parker
FishHawk Storage
Very organized, friendly, and helpful.
Carly H
FishHawk Storage
Great Storage facility with friendly staff!
J Mac
FishHawk Storage
Nancy is great company is lucky to have her.
Jesus Martinez
FishHawk Storage
Nancy is great and runs the facility very efficiently. I recommend them all the time.
Gary Thacker